quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Weekend in Rio de Janeiro

Hello all nice?
I'll do a little diary of a board of my trip to Rio de Janeiro at the weekend.
I'm recording and then I'll edit the TCC Journalism from some friends, and that Saturday had an interview with Jorge Kajuru with Cicero Mello in Rio de Janeiro, eDo not been for her!
At first some problems with transportation and time, but it was solved and we were on the bus.
White and I arrived at the airport about seven o'clock in the morning, had breakfast and boarded. And I'll tell you, Webjet is fuck, prick the airplane, the door looked like cardboard! lol
After 40 minutes it was in Rio de Janeiro! very fast! lol
We went to the hotel, we did check-in and went to Botafogo in Cobal Botafogo (forgot the name) in Bar Joaquina to record with Kajuru, but he could not go and sent a driver and his production company to pick us up.
We went to his home in a condominium in front of the sea in Barra da Tijuca.
We recorded an interview with him for about 70 minutes and he invited us to stay there drinking beer, and of course we were chatting away and drinking a beer with him, was very good, very funny.
Then we went by taxi to the Engenhão, beautiful stadium, I liked it.
Bought the ticket,Flamengo shirts, recorded with Cicero Mello went to watch the game.
 And I'll tell you, that ugly game! OMG! Ronaldinho "Gay" Gaucho not played anything, demanded a 5 corner kicks, and a three fouls, but other than that, nothing.
We walked away, missing about 25 minutes to finish the game, and guess what, flamenco has two goals, and we did not see! lol!
We had dinner at KFC in Catete and went to sleep hotel, we were very tired!
On Sunday we woke up five hours at the airport and take the stand that he had lost it, back to the hotel and had breakfast, my uncle picked me up at the hotel and went to his home in Leblon.
We went to lunch at Shopping Leblon, I saw Juliana Baroni had lunch on our side, and then Fred too! I went to my uncle's house and stayed there till 23.30 and went to the Bus Station and came away.

* Some information was not disclosed for the good of the people involved and to avoid lawsuits! asuhasuh

Well it was, was very nice, the Rio de Janeiro I conquered. asuhasuh enjoyed it .. and now I'm going back in May in the Paul McCartney concert on the 22th, I intend to enjoy the beach a bit, I know it!

Until the next!

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sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

Reflection, Outburst, Thoughts ...

Hello everyone, this blog is a "copy" of another that I have, but the other is written in Portuguese, so that you do not read in Portuguese, follow the blog here or see the blog in Portuguese: http://pensamentostolo.blogspot.com /!

I do not write well in English, so will not be so correct, but I tried!

Although this is the first post in this blog, he already has several other posts in Portuguese, do not write long, but now written! lol

When the year ends all plan changes, and many things they want to do. I was not like all different, I had quit college in 2009, for lack of money and why was sick of college, studying! Well, this year I decided to return, even with all the difficulties that face because I know it 'would not have the help of my father, not academically or financially, but ok, wanted to come back and back! I decided I would buy a car for me, my, my money. But with the return to college guess it'll be a little farther! But what I mean is that we want to change for the better of course, grow! And each year we do this, and every year we age! Aging is here that maybe I wanted to go! that word!

You know, kind of gave "pleasure" of writing here to take certain things on the head, chest! rs I tried not to use it as a rant here, just like a blog to make others laugh, think about everyday things! But it is not happening! lol

And after a good fucking Carnaval, was not the best thing is true .. but as always very good, reviewing the family, friends, girlfriends, fuckin drink, sleep too little, eat a lot, take a "Red Bull"! And go back to the real world, that bitch gave me depression! And back home in a small reflection with Andrew made me think of many things: That maybe this was the last carnival in Itanhandu, not of life, maybe back velhor it more, but the next 3 or 4 years maybe, and it made me sad. Before going to the carnival Itanahndu, I was thinking of this being the last of the next 3 or 4 years even, to enjoy in other places and talz, pro Andre is easy to think so, but not for me, my whole family goes to her , I enjoy a lot, I review cousins, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends from town, and that it's really good. And with the end of another great carnival back to real life, in which folded a little this year, hoping to spend the Carnival to take things more seriously!

Now I'm lost! Actually, I went back to college already is something good, but now as I get so much money? As I think both in the study having to work to fuck?!

Changing the focus a little, today was watching a series called GREEK, is about fraternities, college, "Sex, books and rock in roll" as the series itself says. Well, I follow this series to four years in his four seasons, today saw the last of 4, which seemed to be the last of the series, or just a change of cast, because the two main vain "although," and I was sad It was as if I were in that series, watching everything, is how I usually watch movies, series, enter the story, be a part of the character there, and the end, as if just right for me too! lol And in the final play of the series "Forever Young" from "Alphaville", q in the refrain says forever young, live forever, that was when I was even more thoughtful.

Of course in the series and movies, always have a happy ending, but I think all of us living right, for good, have a happy ending, maybe not have the dream job either q, or the woman who both enjoy, but one day have a good job, a very nice woman, who in the end we'll be happy, but what about those who did not live long, as my mother, she had a happy ending? Thinking of me, no, miss her, of having a mother, I do not know how to have a talk to vdd, but she probably had a happy ending, the way of it, can not see his son born handsome and intelligent as it is ( laughter), but saw I was born. I dunno, it's sad.

Everything has an end, everything ends, and seeing the carnival end another year, the series is over, fikei sad, do not know if it was nostalgia, ecstasi carnival, all that adrenaline so intense q q but in just five days, and just once, you go to sleep drunk as hell, after drinking mtoo, and I know it more q. goes to sleep and wake up with empty city. cade that caraio of fun, drinking, loud music, silly! I just was like on "The Simpsons" in an episode that Homer goes to know where her enjoy the holiday of spring to cure insomnia, enjoy a few days, intensive and qnd finally get to sleep, wake up and not have anything else, he I know it feels .. I do not know! lol

We wrote a lot!

But then, what purpose do we have in life? The Cappie in the series, says in the end, all that we have a purpose and our purpose is to discover our purpose. So what would it be mine? I do not know, I was lost, I began to cheat, and I gig now optional.

But as always seems to be missing something? Girlfriend perhaps? a father to talk about girls and know what it? true friends? (I have friends, see it in my orkut I have a 800, lol) I do not know.

I went back to college, now I know it. a new social circle, people who enjoy, are good people, nice, guess I can trust! rs
Have up in which a girl left me really interested, I hope she q tbm .. rs
I hope that with time I know this is it .. this void that still has to be taken for good things, or know it .. maybe it's just a mega carnival postpartum depression from which I can not leave! you never know, but I came to aki lets them share, unless q is the end of this blog tbm, not because I wanted to write more about me, and keep writing! maybe the way I do not write more. I know it .. but I guess it's good to vent, even writing for the world and not for someone. I know it

it is true that this series is kind of girl, except the part that appears a lot of cat faces and doing some nasty stuff! but it is very romantic, yes, but I like this kind of stuff, and it was great to have a "parallel world" or something, I hope that has not finished, but if not over, I think the character Cappie and Casey were no longer in the series!
And speaking of series, Two and a Half Men this end, Charlie Sheen was fired from the series and this series without him, is not this series is practically on his life! lol

Finally, I wish that you who are reading my blog, comment on something, something relevant to what I talked about purpose, about feelings, about college series, I know it. something that is useful for me and for those who have read here, maybe help me, and I find my purpose!

Kisses and hugs to everyone! My fingers are hurting, bye!

By Rafael Leal . lol